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Thieves can't steal --- what isn't there!

The AuricVault® tokenization service secures your vitally sensitive financial and personal data by safely storing that data and replacing the data in your system with a token. Tokens are random strings of numbers and letters that have no relationship to the stored data. If someone stole all your tokens, they still would not have any of your sensitive data.

Tokenization provides what is called data separation. Data separation ensures that no single entity has all the data at one time.

Auric's tokenization solution provides fine-grained permissions for one or more parties to access sensitive tokenized data. 

Depending on your business model, using the AuricVault® tokenization service may exclude your systems and servers from PCI scope. 

What Matters

Financial Data: Credit/Debit Card Account Number, Banking Account Number, Financial Account Number

Identification Data: Biometric Data, Birth Date, Birthplace, Driver’s License Information, Email Address, Foreign Visa Information, Mother's Maiden Name, Name And Address, National Insurance Number, Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Passport Number, Social Security Number

Access Data: Access Codes, Passwords, Password Hashes, Security Codes

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