Securing Browser-Based Tokenization

October 25, 2019

Two new API calls provide increased browser-based tokenization security.

The AuricVault® tokenization service includes browser-based tokenization and detokenization.
Browser based tokenization allows you to store and retrieve sensitive data directly from the browser; the data never touches your servers.

The new get_encrypt_session and get_decrypt_session API calls provide additional security by:

  • Controlling when the user can tokenize and when they can detokenize.
  • Declaring which tokens can be detokenized in the browser.

These new API calls provide increased browser-based tokenization security and ensure that what the user is doing in the browser is what you intend them to do.


This API call is identical to the existing get_session API call, with the added feature of ensuring the only action a user can take with this session ID is to encrypt data.


This API call ensures the only action a user can take with the returned session ID is to lookup (decrypt) a token. It also defines the specific token that the user can retrieve. 

This API call takes a list of one to five token IDs that the user can look up and display in their browser.
The user receives an error if they attempt to look up a token that is not on the list.


Check out the latest Session Management Methods documentation.

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