Case Studies

Bed and breakfast Sign in foliage.

B&B Booking Website

How do you collect credit card information for thousands of bed and breakfast (B&B) proprietors and maintain PCI compliance?

A concierge holding a bell.

Concierge Service

Many hotels provide concierge services which are available to book restaurant reservations, purchase theatre tickets, hire rental cars, etc. The concierge typically needs access to the guest's credit card account to perform these tasks.

An audio headset sitting on a desk.

Inbound Edge Tokenization

A telemarketer significantly reduces their PCI scope by completely removing the credit card account number from their real-time data flow.

Two hands exchanging a blue credit card.

Outbound Edge Detokenization

Securely convey tokenized credit card data using multiple Web API interfaces.

A drone carrying a package on a blue background.

Outbound Batch Detokenization

A telemarketing firm securely transfers batched credit card data to multiple clients.

Two generic tickets sitting on a tabletop.

Deferred Ticket Orders

Employees at a major event venue can request event tickets months in advance of when they can be booked.

A hotel receptionist standing behind a counter.

PCI Proxy Service for Hospitality

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as, Expedia, etc. provide a web-based application programming interface (API) through which Property Managers, Channel Managers, hotels, and other hospitality services such as rental car companies retrieve booking information. 

The retrieved booking information frequently contains credit card account numbers.

An emergency button.

Failover Tokenization

What do you do when your payment processor has an outage?

A high-traffic website requires you enter your credit card information to access a 30-day free trial. The website experienced multiple payment processor outages stopping them from storing new credit card information with their payment processor.

A negotiation with three people exchanging information.

Tokenize With Multiple Payment Processors

An order management service (OMS) website allows customers to order items from multiple companies. Each customer order may contain items from multiple companies. The OMS breaks-up the customer order and forwards individual orders to each company. Each company uses a different payment processor.

A credit score indicator showing a high score.

Background/Credit Checks

A firm specializing in background and credit checks maintains multiple pieces of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including social security numbers, credit card account numbers, birthdates, maiden names, etc

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