Data Migration

Importing Data

There are several ways to transfer sensitive data from your existing tokenization provider to the AuricVault® service. If you already have the ability to retrieve data from your current service, the easiest way is to simply retrieve your existing tokens and then store the data using the AuricVault® API.

If you need to move a large number of tokens, or do not want to handle each token individually, Auric works with you and your existing service provider to transfer the data. A typical process is as follows:

  • Auric, you, and your current provider agree on a file transfer format. 
  • Your current provider securely sends Auric an encrypted batch file (typically OpenPGP encrypted). 
  • Auric decrypts and loads the data into the tokenization service. 
  • Auric then sends you an encrypted text file containing the AuricVault® token and other information that was in the batch file.

Some clients store data in a structured format such as JSON or XML. The batch importer can be customized to create the necessary data format for the new tokenized data. 

The import process can generate new token IDs or use the token IDs from the previous service provider.

Exporting Data

The tokenized data export options are similar to the import options. You can decide to transfer data via the API or via a batch export process. 

Contact for more information about migrating data to and from the AuricVault® tokenization service. 

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