Vault-Managed Encryption

April 23, 2019
How Vault-Managed Encryption Works

The AuricVault® tokenization service provides all your encryption and key management requirements.

The service provides:

  • PCI compliant encryption for the tokenized data.
  • AES-256 data encryption keys (DEK).
  • GPG encrypted key encryption keys (KEK).
  • Automatic, PCI compliant data encryption key rotation.

The AuricVault® service key management services are located within a PCI compliant hosting facility separate from the encryption servers and the key services. The encryption services are separated geographically as well as across multiple hosting providers.

The AuricVault® tokenization and storage service offers implementation flexibility. Direct connectivity allows both modern servers and legacy systems to integrate with the AuricVault® service. The integration method is a simple HTTPS POST call using JSON-RPC. Almost any programming language can easily integrate with the service. Vault-managed encryption performs all encryption/decryption and key management tasks within the AuricVault® service.  Plain text (unencrypted) data is sent to the AuricVault® service.

Vault-Managed API Calls

  • encrypt
  • decrypt
  • reencrypt
  • session_encrypt
  • session_decrypt
  • delete_token
  • token_info
  • touch_token
  • get_session


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