Payment Processing Simplified®

April 23, 2019

The AuricVault® Payments Passthrough option provides a generic payment API to multiple payment processors that allows you to use the AuricVault® tokens with those payment processors. 

Supported Payment Processors

Token Swap

The Token Swap option converts an AuricVault® token into a payment processor specific token. This service is available for all supported payment processors. This is useful if you have already implemented support for multiple payment processors. Capture a credit card once with the AuricVault® service, then create tokens for all the different payment processors you support.

Support When Switching Payment Processors.

Auric provides a bulk export and re-tokenization service for all your stored AuricVault® tokens. Switching to a new payment processor is simplified when your tokens are stored in the AuricVault® service.

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