Token Swap

The stored AuricVault® token is independent of any payment processor. The Token Swap option creates a processor/gateway-specific token from the stored data. Create tokens for multiple payment processors; and you still retain the tokenized AuricVault® token.

The Token Swap service has numerous advantages:

  • Ability to use the same credit card data with multiple payment processors.

  • Simplify front-end development (capture one type of token) and allow a back-end system to handle specific payment processor targeting.

  • Integrating new front-end system with legacy systems already capable of communicating with various payment processors.

  • Allowing future migration between payment processors.

Refer to the tokenize payments API call for each supported payment processor.

AuvProxy Too!

You can also create processor/gateway-specific tokens for all gateways supported by the AuvProxy option.

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